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El cambio como clave del progreso continuo

There is no permanent formula for success, and strategies that worked well for years can become a hindrance for us in our daily praxis. The key to progress is in knowing when it’s time for a change and in choosing the new course correctly.  

Logically, renovation means implementing changes that are coherent with the new dynamics to be established and, perhaps–although not necessarily–modifications which, in a dental practice, will most likely be more material in nature than structural. 

Nonetheless, none of this would be successful if it weren’t a byproduct of careful thought beforehand, which allows for detection of what needs to be changed and how it should be done, and enough knowledge about the alternatives available to be able to choose among them for the most ideal for our particular philosophy and managerial style. 

This is what we proposed recently on social networking sites and what we recommend you make a regular part of your leadership duties at least once a year. 



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